Annual Branch Conference (Workshop) - NZI Distribution

The situation:

The guys had had a tough year. They needed reinvigorating and higher motivation and confidence levels, and self-belief. They needed to feel more competent to have challenging conversations and sell.

Any tools to help would have been great. Oh and…we had one, short workshop to get the job done.


A 90 min mix of tools, techniques, quick practices and inspirational fun but practical ideas.


“Topic: ‘Strategy’ – my slant: creating a more proactive approach to selling and working with their clients; people feeling more energised and more willing and competent to have challenging conversations that deliver results.

Approach: fun, fast, energetic, challenging, straight, highly interactive.”


“Topic /slant – was spot on!! It was exactly what I was looking for!”

Success criteria:

  • Motivated energized people
  • Simple effective tools
  • Individuals feeling more enabled to sell, in the right way, flexing to their clients
  • Individuals feeling they have some tools and techniques for having the challenging conversations they need to
  • (Side agenda – make Manager look good to!)

“Penny is a fantastic presenter, highly motivated and energetic, immediately created a great rapport with the audience, adapted the content extremely well for the purpose of engaging and creating a more proactive approach to selling and working with our Broker customers. Delivered relevant key messages that can be built on further. Penny’s whole session and approach was fun, energetic, challenging, highly interactive and engaging.

Penny came highly recommended, and did not disappoint!”

Wayne Langley
ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) Takapuna Branch Manager
NZI Distribution