Penny’s ‘word-of-mouth’ reputation for achieving excellence whilst facilitating teams, groups and events is well recognised across all levels and many industries.
She works with individuals and the group dynamic, using a blend of processes, techniques and tools, coupled with humour, empathy, drama and drive to achieve the outcomes desired.


“Professional person who knows what she is talking about”

“Very constructive and practical”

“Wow, just brilliant”

“Great interaction, extremely useful”


  • Team culture which is inhibiting high-performance and needs to change
  • Individuals reassigned to a team and a realignment of a team culture
  • Organisational change consultation, ideas origination and gaining commitment and engagement
  • Teams and groups who need to work more effectively together to develop strategy and appreciate using individual strengths and diversity of thought
  • A team that has strong personalities or challenging behaviours that need to effectively work together
  • A senior leadership team, board or committee needing to work more effectively and efficiently, maximising effective communication and decision making
  • An event with a large number of personnel e.g. 40-1000 such as vision and values definition, strategy development, first stage training and awareness raising, team building and celebration, effective communication and leadership


  • Enabling any group to reach an agreed goal by using certain tools, techniques and processes as helpful to the situation
    Intuitively and transparently working with people’s beliefs, perceptions, agendas, fears and history to reach the agreed goal
  • Understanding what each individual is seeking, may need and what’s important for them, and creating the conversations that allow these to be explored
  • Being the conduit for unhelpful communication, behaviour and conflict and creating a safe space where individuals and the group gain awareness and begin to move forward
  • At times offering mentoring and solutions that may allow blocks to be removed and performance enhanced


Client 1:

We wanted our Services department to go through a ‘constructive conflict and managing difficult conversations’ training workshop. One day and 45 people. Then half day workshop Senior Lead team followed by another half day – all Services staff again.

“Fun, stimulating, energetic, cross-team building and still real learning, all concerns were addressed and practical tools and techniques taken away. Couldn’t ask for more!’ Suzie Marsden Director Service, NZTE

Client 2:

‘We needed a strong facilitator who could challenge us to be our best, keep to process but also begin the work of uniting the team as we developed our strategy.’ “Penny is an excellent facilitator, which means that she was able to help us generate tangible results from a short strategic planning offsite. Feedback from the team was that it was one of the most productive and effective strategy workshops they’d ever done, and Penny played a big role in that. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penny.” Shelley Ruha – Director Exec team BNZ

Client 3:

‘We needed someone who understood how people think, could make it easy for them to learn and get beyond fears, habits and resistance. They had to buy into their roles as leaders and the risks of not doing this.’

One of Penny’s greatest strengths as a facilitator is her ability to understand individuals in a group forum and where they are personally placed in relation to the content she is delivering. Penny’s intuition and awareness of personality types is evident in the way that she flexes to suit all types of personalities, whilst still being honest, upfront and direct, yet respecting the current history and culture of the her client group. Penny can take the toughest critic or non-believer, and find a way to reach them on an individual level to get them to “step-up” to the challenge she is facilitating them through. Penny can deal with leaders of any background, level or industry and still have them leave the room believing they can be more than they ever thought possible.’ Melinda Small – Manager, Culture and Leadership, Qantas Engineering