Need a big piece of work? Team up with the best the industry has to offer

For bigger pieces of work, Penny pulls together the right team with the right experience in their field. It’s a tailored approach that gives clients the best value and results from the experts.

Elaine McMeeking

Training & Personal Efficiency

Elaine has worked as a consultant for a number of large organisations, focusing on the areas of personal efficiency, performance management and appraisal, sales and customer service.

Tipu Ngaio

Facilitation & Leadership

Tipu is skilled in guiding people in sales, leadership, negotiation, presenting, personal effectiveness as well as training senior leaders to train their teams. Tipu is a well recognised and skilled coach and mentor.

Kate & Kerry

Professional Development

Kate & Kerry specialise in event management and team building, and provide the technology solutions and resources that enable effective learning in today’s workplaces. Kate is a skilled coach and mentor.