“The only training you’ll ever need on effective business communication and conflict resolution!”

Harvard business school surveyed a group of business leaders. 92% agreed that the practice of internal communication “has undergone a lot of change” at their companies “in recent years.”

The reality is business is done through conversations and these create culture and business actions.

Time and money are spent on many aspects of effective organisational development but rarely in the area of really effective business conversations: how we talk to one another, what an effective conversation actually looks like, how to manage conflict usefully in conversations and when to name the elephant in the room. Say the word ‘conflict’ and watch everyone squirm. Yet conflict isn’t bad in itself – in fact, it’s essential for a healthy business to grow and succeed. It’s just we haven’t been taught how to manage it and make it effective in business and interpersonal development.


  • Will save time and achieve goals quicker
  • Prevent and minimise time wasted on conflict or avoiding conflict
  • Create a more respectful, problem-solving and open culture
  • Discuss real business issues in a timely open way
  • Surface ‘undiscussables’ in a way that can move them forward to solutions

Topics Covered

  • What does a transparent business conversation look like?
  • The role of empathy and respect together with perception and honesty in the conversation
  • Words, language, tone and non-verbals – getting them working for you
  • Effective communication – the essentials and what we forget
  • Why does conflict occur? How to manage it successfully through preparation in advance and in the moment
  • Managing self and others’ emotions and reactions
  • Delivering objectives and staying focused in tough conversations
  • Naming the elephant in the room – when and how to
  • Types of performance conversations