Dealing with Real People, Offering Real Solutions

Dynamic, inspiring, challenging and ‘real’ to workplace issues is the best way to describe the approach taken by Penny Holden.

Sessions are energetic, engaging and with a high level of interaction yet remain very focused on achieving results.

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A good plan gets you only part of the way



Discover what you need

Penny will discuss and analyse behaviours, skills, knowledge and blocks. Solutions are always customised to fit your organisation.



Make it happen

When you know what your people need to achieve results, Penny will set out a plan to get there.



Underpinning your plan is what happens in the room

What sets Penny apart is how she motivates, challenges and inspires – creating personal accountability. Through unblocking fears, personal pride will flourish.

It is only in this space where mindsets shift.

Removing workplace headaches

Richard Branson said it best. “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” An experienced view can prevent a workplace becoming an unhappy environment, and your business suffering.
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Designed for minimum time out of the workplace with maximum pay-off
Brave (Maia)

Brave (Maia)

Great for all People leaders and anyone in business today

Master challenging business and performance conversations; successfully manage conflict and defensive behaviour.

Grab a coffee, this is worth a read

Get in. Get out. Shut up. With love.

The skills and tools for courageous conversations are simple. It’s all about managing your own and the other person’s emotions. And confidence!
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Why is the ‘Darth Vader to Yoda continuum’ highly successful in creating exceptional leaders?

Just like the Force, there’s a dark side and a light side of leadership.
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Penny’s intuition and awareness of personality types is evident in the way that she flexes to suit all types of personalities, whilst still being honest, upfront and direct, whilst respecting the current history and culture of the her client group. Penny can deal with leaders of any background, level or industry and still have them leave the room believing they can be more than they ever thought possible.

Melinda – Manager, Culture and Leadership Qantas Engineering

Penny has the ability to take the complex and nuanced subject of leadership and present it to new and and experienced leaders alike in ways that are immediately accessible and relate-able. New leaders in our organizations leave Penny’s customized courses brimming with confidence and excitement to implement their new understanding and knowledge and itching to return for more advanced sessions.  We have been impressed with the way Penny has crafted content, tailored specifically to challenges our leaders face. Working with Penny has transformed our organization and also many of the individuals she has worked with.

Lynden – Vivo Salon, Auckland

Penny’s openness, honesty and flexible style allow her to open developmental doors that to others would simply be shut. Each programme Penny runs is unique, tailored to creating the best possible learning experience for those in the room. We’ve seen Penny convey the concepts and practicalities of leadership in a way palatable to inexperienced and senior leaders alike. Watching people grow as a function of their time with Penny is powerful – There’s no doubt she  has helped us change our organisation for the better, one leader at a time.

Andy – Head of People and Culture, Jasmax

We utilise rare, special, magnificent people to create your big piece of work.

For bigger pieces of work, Penny pulls together the right team with the right experience in their field. Working with the best the industry has to offer, is a tailored approach that gives clients the best value and results from the experts.